Badradio VR Content Featured

VR Content available on the Badradio Youtube Channel

  1. Choose a video below, open in the Youtube app on your Apple or Android device
  2. Select the VR button in the bottom right & make sure quality is set to high
  3. Place phone in to your Badradio VR Mobile headset
  4. Use headphones for better sound quality!

Badradio 001 Feat. Mitch Incog & Cern

Badradio 001 is our first trip in to 360 VR, featuring Mitch Incog and CERN

Genre: Drum and Bass

Badradio 002 Feat. Diaz Grimm

Badradio 002 we stepped in to a new world by Baron a Canadian Touchdesigner artist. Featuring a live performance by Diaz Grimm from New Zealand

Genre: Hiphop

HINT: Jump to the 5 minute mark

Badradio 003 Feat. FoorEyes

Badradio 003 we have local Auckland Producer & DJ FoorEyes


Badradio 004 Feat. Daz

Badradio 004 features local Drum & Bass DJ Daz

Genre: Drum and Bass

Badradio 005 Feat. Bad Brothers in 3D

Badradio 005 is our first mix down in VR with 3D depth & 360 degree viewing, best enjoyed with a Badradio VR Mobile headset accompanied by some Bad headphones.

Genre: Tech House

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Badradio 006 Feat. Sly Chaos

Badradio 006 jumped on a roof top in Auckland City’s Karangahape Road, featuring local Auckland producer and DJ Sly Chaos with a 4 deck mix.

Genre: Drum and Bass


Badradio 007 Feat. Lipsink LIVE

Badradio 007 features the amazing and talented Auckland producer Lipsink in a virtual world created by Bernadette Cave.

Genre: Vaporwave

Badradio 009 Feat. Ominous Din

Badradio 009 we ventured out in to the forest and got some custom art created in virtual reality, featuring local Drum & Bass DJ Ominous Din with a very heavy set!

Genre: Drum and Bass


Badradio 010 Feat. Lunar

Badradio 010 we sent Bernadette Cave off to Melbourne for our next location, high above the city we have local Drum & Bass DJ Lunar in 3D VR

Genre: Drum and Bass

Badradio 011 Feat. Friends of all the World

Badradio 011 we took the 360 camera to a local Auckland City basketball court at night, featuring local artist Friends of all the World

Genre: Alternative