Empowering Badradio Artists and Engaging Listeners on the Blockchain

The BADRADIO Reward Token ($BADRADIO) is at the forefront of revolutionizing the music industry through blockchain technology. Developed on the Solana blockchain, $BADRADIO seamlessly integrates with the badradio.nz streaming platform, dedicated to showcasing the best in #phonk music and beyond. Our innovative token distribution model rewards artists based on listener engagement, providing a tangible representation of their popularity and listener base.

For Artists:
$BADRADIO tokenizes the connection between artists and their audience. Each month, artists registered with BADRADIO receive $BADRADIO tokens proportional to the number of listeners their tracks garner. This unique approach not only incentivizes musical creation but also ensures artists are directly rewarded for their contributions to the platform. With additional multipliers for early registrants and exceptional performers, $BADRADIO strives to support and uplift emerging talent in the phonk scene and beyond.

For Listeners:
Looking towards the future, $BADRADIO is set to redefine the listener experience. Participants in the BADRADIO ecosystem will gain access to a rewards system where $BADRADIO tokens can unlock a variety of premium content and experiences. From exclusive airdrops and reward multipliers to early access to new music, concert tickets, merchandise, apparel, and NFTs, $BADRADIO places listeners at the center of the musical journey.

Expanding the Ecosystem:
Beyond direct rewards, $BADRADIO aims to foster a vibrant community of artists and listeners. Plans for a dedicated store will allow token holders to engage in a more meaningful way, turning their listening habits into opportunities for unique rewards and experiences. As the BADRADIO platform evolves, so too will the ways in which $BADRADIO tokens can be utilized, ensuring a dynamic and evolving ecosystem.

Commitment to Innovation:
At BADRADIO, we're committed to leveraging blockchain technology to empower artists and engage listeners like never before. With a focus on transparency, community, and innovation, the BADRADIO Reward Token is just the beginning. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey, shaping the future of music and entertainment on the blockchain.

Thanks for listening to http://badradio.nz

Please note there is no promise of value outside of crediting artists with a representation of how many listeners they received on a monthly basis using BADRADIO tokens.

Liquidity Pool: 10% (100M + 4 SOL) 🔥BURNED
Team & Founders: 15% (150M) 
Ecosystem & Dev: 25% (250M) 
Community & Marketing: 15% (150M)
Rewards & Incentives: 25% (250M)
Reserve: 5% (50M) 
Advisors: 5% (50M)


#Solana ticker $BADRADIO


Registered Artists

  1. YUG1
  2. Geass Studio
  4. chiefbandit
  5. Wobase
  6. dazigus
  8. Lil' Rocketman
  9. 1ONY
  10. Imperivm
  11. KillaC36
  12. Teddy Colour
  13. Denvor
  15. DVNTV$
  16. rximv
  18. SEKIZO
  19. Holysus
  21. Xaviezko
  22. EVIL
  24. otto22
  25. LAZLOW
  29. Wayvee
  30. FLOE TOS
  31. North Berry
  33. Phonk Around & Find Out

Payout Multiplier
At the end of every month, registered artists will receive 1 BADRADIO token for every listener across all of their tracks. For example if track 1 has 100 listeners and track 2 has 100 listeners you will get 200 tokens.

🚨 All REGISTERED artists receive 12 x Stage 1 multiplier for the month of Feb 2024.
🚨 All REGISTERED artists receive 11 x Stage 1 multiplier for the month of March 2024.
🚨 All REGISTERED artists receive 10 x Stage 1 multiplier for the month of April 2024.
🚨 All REGISTERED artists receive 9 x Stage 1 multiplier for the month of May 2024.

🚨 First 10 artists to register will receive 10 x Stage 2 multiplier.
🚨 Next 10 artists to register will receive 9 x Stage 2 multiplier.
🚨 Next 10 artists to register will receive 8 x Stage 2 multiplier.

🚨 Next 10 artists to register will receive 7 x Stage 2 multiplier.

🚨 Artists have until the end of the month to collect rewards for previous month and cannot claim tokens from earlier than previous month.