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Origin: FI

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Registered Artist # 005

Wobase, a staple of Badradio and all-round legend, seamlessly merges UK Garage influences with the dense atmospherics of phonk. His music has been featured on Badradio as far back as 2019.

His track “Right & Wrong” distinctly embodies this garage influence, offering a rhythmic complexity that stands out in his discography. His ability to revisit and transform tracks is exemplified in “Bringing it Back” and the garage-infused flip “DC & Blanco – The Curb (Wobase bootleg).” These tracks highlight his dynamic approach to blending genres, ensuring each production resonates uniquely with listeners. Hix mixing and mastering is always spot on as well, great for the club!

Explore these tracks and more from Wobase on Badradio, or delve deeper into his innovative sounds on SoundCloud and Bandcamp.