doriKing Online – Free Download

The free online multiplayer drift game for mobile and PC is now available for download!

doriKing Online was made available thanks to and it features music from the best producers in the Phonk community.

Download doriKing Online for iOS

Download doriKing Online for Android

Download doriKing Online for Windows 10

Brand new car available – The FX7

The FX7 drift machine has full stats for power and control, it’s a weapon! Unlock the FX7 in Single Player or Multiplayer mode by racing or drifting to earn in game money which you can then use to buy new cars and tracks.

Badradio VR – New Level

Here’s a brand new level I’m working on for the next Badradio VR update, inspired by my good friend and phonk producer STVSHBOI from our regular SUNDAY STVSH show on Youtube.

Download Badradio VR on iOS & Android

Badradio VR is available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for free!

As always, I’m live streaming all of my development on Twitch, DLive and YouTube. Today I learned how to use the Particle Effects thanks to Unity’s Particle Pack available for free on the asset store.

Today I created this cool bass wave effect that reacts to the bass frequencies, some flame machines, running extra rich and smoking that go to the mid range frequencies and then on top of the speakers are some smaller flame throwers for the highs.

Early version before I figured out how to modify TextMesh Pro

Badradio VR is now available on both iOS & Android!

Download Badradio VR for free on Android

Download Badradio VR for free on iOS

Badradio VR on iOS & Android

Yes, that’s right folks… You can enjoy Badradio in Virtual Reality, with nothing more than your mobile phone and a Badradio VR headset!

Download for free!

Download Badradio VR for iPhone on the Apple App Store

Download Badsradio VR for Android on the Google Play Store

Supported Platforms

  • iOS (iPhone 6 and up)
  • Android (Samsung Galaxy, HTC)

All you need is a smart phone and a badradio headset to enjoy Badradio VR.

Listen to badradio streaming 24/7 with a Badradio headset and you can experience what it’s like to immerse yourself in a totally new space, a new world or another dimension. All while listening to the smooth sounds of Badradio.

A brand new level coming in the next update.

Transport yourself to another reality, a dream world, hang out with your Shiba Inu in a surreal reality where the sun moves to the music and a whale swims through space. Enjoy the audio spectrum visualizer and avoid the asteroids. Try it out for yourself, in real life and you’ll see where we’re going with this!

Get a Badradio VR headset from the Badradio Shop now.


We’re back… badradio x stvshboi dropping another fine selection for SUNDAY STVSH – Volume 7

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08:25 $WIFT – WATER /w ONYX



Shout out to all the artists involved.

doriKing 2 – Coming 2020

Here’s some game play footage of my brand new open world style drifting game, I’ve started adding a population system so you can see people walking around like in GTA5

I’m playing with an Xbox One controller!

This game is SO much fun!

Sponsorship Opportunities

I’m looking for forward thinking companies and brands that would like to see their products featured in game or advertising on in game signs and billboards.

Drinks companies, Motorsports, Crypto apps and local New Zealand businesses are welcome to inquire. Sponsorship will help us achieve our goals and help make this game the best new open world drifting game and adding features such as multiplayer, custom branded cars, new tracks and more!

Please contact me on [email protected]