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Eyyy it’s Freddy Konfeddy! Welcome to Badradio Aye! Thanks for having me 🥳 So you hail out of Denmark. What’s the vibe like over there right now? Corona is not scary in Denmark. We got amazing hospitals, amazing restrictions to follow, which most of us do follow, and the infection rate is almost nothing compared to many other countries. Apart …

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sway55 Interview – Phonk Production + FREE Sample Kit Download

Welcome to Badradio Sway, thanks for doing this interview.  Thank you brother. I appreciate the opportunity! 🙂 So how did you get into music and how long have you been producing for? It’s hard to tell… I first started making music as a kid with this software called “dance eJay”.. Now looking at it makes me laugh but i was …

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Interview with Tape God, iNFMS

Tape God iNFMS aka ‘The Don’ was one of the first producers I was introduced to when first entering the world of Phonk and has been a close ally for the last two years, introducing me to some of the best underground producers and music. Well known for his epic sample selection as well as his ‘This Is…’ series where …

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VONSTORM brings the heat with SCRAP BITCH, DUCK BITCH w/ Inteus I’ve been learning Blender in my spare time, so whipped up some fresh Eevee cityscape renders and piped them into Touchdesigner to make everything audio reactive. Follow Vonstorm below ig

Badradio Tracklist

Listen on iOS or Android using for free, search for badradio in the app store. Get full track list in the discord channel.

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doriKing Online – Free Download

The free online multiplayer drift game for mobile and PC is now available for download! doriKing Online was made available thanks to and it features music from the best producers in the Phonk community. Download doriKing Online for iOS Download doriKing Online for Android Download doriKing Online for Windows 10 Brand new car available – The FX7 The FX7 …